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Wasn't expecting much

I liked when he vommited the bear. The rest wasn't really very amusing. 8 hours isn't very long I for an animator, but it could have been much better.

Freaking hillarious.

This was great. Unlike most of these random type things it was well animated, and well voiced, and above all, not overly juvenile. It was just great XD

10s all round!

This was truly awesome, and very true. It makes me wanna go check out 'Maple story' too >_< although i realy dont wanna waste more time I could be making my own flash in on an mmorpg!

voice in head: "But it's free!!!"

Me: "nnnoooo....you...cant....make me!!!"

gah...ill go check it out :D

Aweosme flash. The voice acting was nice too! Nice and clear!

CirrusEpix responds:

Spend time with Flash. So what if it is addictive. It is at least productive.

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Frustrating, boring and addictive

I admit that I played this for a few hours, mostly just leaving it in the background while doing other things until a hint was available. It's really quite a pointless matching game. Some of the combos are amusing but even less of them make sense. It's a little interesting at first, but a complete waste of time with zero satisfaction gleaned.


I cannot imagine being much more bored while playing a game based on quite a sound concept: Unlock new parts and add them to your battleship, placing them wherever you like to make it look really cool.

The ship moves far too slowly, every battle is a pointless grind to maintain control of bases, the music gets iritating. Mostly the game is just too slow and cumbersome.

Good but...

Like Cantwell implied. The oen button combat system is stupid, and spoils the game entirely.
Would it have hurt at least to have different buttons for fast and slow attacks...maybe one for grapple?
And the little tutorial at the start of the game is....bad...

Nice graphics, smooth animations, good sounds, ncie enemies...was bored by like the sikth level though. There's only so long I can stab at the spacebar.

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I recall hearing the other version of this, but I think i prefer this. I can never find much to say about slow tunes, so I'll just go and listen to these tunes some more XD

Calamaistr responds:

listening to these tunes is a good idea :]

My favourite

I rather like this! There are some harsh noises in there that make it kind of hard on the ear at times, and I do think they could use a little toning down, but I like the melodies, and it reminds me of the music from chinatown in an old racing game, aerogauge.

Calamaistr responds:

hmm dont know that game, this is an old melody ive used before when i still made music on console :) but ofcourse builded upon.

thanks for liking it. :]


I think I'd prefer this in guitar. It's a nice mellow tune, and it'd be good for background music, or a tranquil night time scene. Certainly sets a mood I think.

Calamaistr responds:

i am not sure if i posted the original on ng too but its definately on yt.

I play it almost every day irl. :)
(same with 'the wind in my hair)

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