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Frustrating, boring and addictive

I admit that I played this for a few hours, mostly just leaving it in the background while doing other things until a hint was available. It's really quite a pointless matching game. Some of the combos are amusing but even less of them make sense. It's a little interesting at first, but a complete waste of time with zero satisfaction gleaned.


I cannot imagine being much more bored while playing a game based on quite a sound concept: Unlock new parts and add them to your battleship, placing them wherever you like to make it look really cool.

The ship moves far too slowly, every battle is a pointless grind to maintain control of bases, the music gets iritating. Mostly the game is just too slow and cumbersome.

Good but...

Like Cantwell implied. The oen button combat system is stupid, and spoils the game entirely.
Would it have hurt at least to have different buttons for fast and slow attacks...maybe one for grapple?
And the little tutorial at the start of the game is....bad...

Nice graphics, smooth animations, good sounds, ncie enemies...was bored by like the sikth level though. There's only so long I can stab at the spacebar.

stealthjet made several unjustified points...

Loved the original over on Kongregate. Love this with the new units and things, was interesting enough and with enough new touches for me to enjoy.

Stealthjet said you should show that barriers can be destroyed, but I'm pretty sure that was covered in the in-no-way-over-lengthly character speach wasn't it? People playing games should take the time to read things like that on the first level.

I can't judge for instructions, having played the first game and remember how to play. I guess you could have ported over the old tutorial levels maybe, but I think the controls are pretty damn intuitive.

The warmachine being superpowerful? Well I guess it could have used a bigger range or something - I never got to fire it's weapon as I kept it well protected - as I feel you should do for your most important unit when vastly outnumbered ._.

And lag? Performance problems? None here. Played really smoothly.


[see title of reveiw]

...well i would leave it at that for dramatic effect but i'd probably get reported by some noob...

Really great music choise. Excellent graphical style and smooth movements. Yada yada yada. A few song selections would be great. 10!


The intro was cool. The gameplay was unoriginal but it controlled sexily and the animations added alot to it! Really awesome XD

I fogot to reveiw this a long time ago.

I adore this game. It's really artistic, mysterious and original. The poetry was beautiful too. Did you write it yourself? If so that's fantastic ^^

Great job on this masterpeice. Should have a much higher score. *votes 5 and wishes he had a higher voting power*

I didn't complete it btw...got stuck...somewhere...

Awesome game, but I only gave it 4

I realy love the atmosphere created in this game, by the music, good sound effects, graphics, nice little touches like the shaking screen on explosions, and the relentless pursuit by your enemies. The gameplay is faced paced and awesome, however I'd have loved it much more, if there was more structure to the levels, you know, more of a mission type thing, and the enemies and player sprites were actual ships of some sort. I just think that'd add so much more to the game. Nice neways <3

Not bad

I liked the concept of the game, it seemed quirky and stuff XD After a while though it does get rather repetetive, facing masses of enemies whilst destroying buildings, it felt kinda like rampage / battletech (the Sega game).

Nice though overall, and correct me if I'm wrong, the music from the Beach level is from an old game on the N64, where you had to destroy stuff using various vehicles, including bulldosers, robots, and even trains. Did you know that? I forgot the game's name...

This game's general concept is great

However, the one problem I find is that it's just far far far too fast! Zoooom

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