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I recall hearing the other version of this, but I think i prefer this. I can never find much to say about slow tunes, so I'll just go and listen to these tunes some more XD

Calamaistr responds:

listening to these tunes is a good idea :]

My favourite

I rather like this! There are some harsh noises in there that make it kind of hard on the ear at times, and I do think they could use a little toning down, but I like the melodies, and it reminds me of the music from chinatown in an old racing game, aerogauge.

Calamaistr responds:

hmm dont know that game, this is an old melody ive used before when i still made music on console :) but ofcourse builded upon.

thanks for liking it. :]


I think I'd prefer this in guitar. It's a nice mellow tune, and it'd be good for background music, or a tranquil night time scene. Certainly sets a mood I think.

Calamaistr responds:

i am not sure if i posted the original on ng too but its definately on yt.

I play it almost every day irl. :)
(same with 'the wind in my hair)

Wow didn't realise my vote was that powerful.

Thought this deserved a higher score and a nice review. Anyway I think this piece needs more reviews. It's probably your most refined work I think. Feels the best put together, and I like how the story is told.


I do love this song, as I've already told you. And this isn't even my sort of music. In fact I hate this kind of music, which means that because I like it you've brought something with true musical value.

One thing though...can you post the lyrics? ._. I just like to know these things ^_^;

itsfoxhall responds:

Thanks buddy :) the lyrics if you want them are on the official myspace page myspace.com/sownshadowfox


Love it.

Chaotic beats and piano notes combined with perfection. Tim Minchin could play the piano on this with no problems XD

Carf responds:

Lol well I used the pianoroll...believe me I wish I could play like this irl.


Wasn't expecting those drums, they really set this piece on fire. Great rythm and beat. This is fantastic. I think this would go well if someone was making a rather artsy flash game. Actually it would go well in the intro sequence of a film too ._.

This is a neat track

This is a lovely, sweeping orchestral. It has great movement and feels like something from a movie soundtrack.
About 1:45 onwards is very Steve Jablonsky (Transforemers 1 & 2 soundtrack, search for 'Arrival to Earth' any enjoy.
Oooh, the piano just came in. Nice broken up melodies. Nice atmosphere change. Sounds like the end of something....like the screen just faded to black.

Seriously moving. Listening to the few orchestrals you have up here I can tell you're very skilled.

DJ-Chilvan responds:

thanks man! Yes, i did try to move this song along in an epic form. This song was made when i discovered some new VSTs so i just experimented a little. Sadly, this song was made in a temporary file so the raw file for the song is gone :(, meaning that I cant remix or edit it again...=(.
Orchestrals are my strongest genre (but i'm still an amateur IMO). It's my skills in consonance that help me a lot. It's also my band, piano, and choir experience too.
Thank you.


This is an excellent loop of fine old music. Makes me thing of a circus of some sort near the end. Maybe it's that little twinkle. This is definately the sort of thing I'm looking for, just more downbeat, and slower like.

I love all the layers you have going on in this and the melodies are great.

Calamaistr responds:

Glad you like the layers, tbh i first only had the second/higher/sharper (i dont know how to refer to it ;l ) part and later made the melody that starts almost right at the beginning and filler hehe.

And yea i was thinking to put in some beedeebeedebuup's because some japanese guy did that too in his visual remakes of popular game music mario style etc. And what japanese people do mostly works.

This can only be described as....

It's incredible and powerful. I love it. Style beyond style. THe main melody is wonderful and never gets old.

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