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Gah screw it

2009-05-21 03:35:50 by 2ndself

Never did keep this up to date so I guess I'll just not leave any promises here any more :/


2008-05-14 12:42:49 by 2ndself

Gfts ep 3: in the works
Learnt AS and am now working on a game I may or may not make into a full one >_<

Updates as of 17/07/07

2007-07-17 17:49:05 by 2ndself

Project Statuses (Statusi?) as of the 17th of the 7th month, of the year 2007.

Futher Episodes of Patches - Cancelled
Guy from the Sky Volume 2 - Invasion of the zombliens is in production but currently on hold due to computer problems
Other things are yet to be thought up...